Mission Statement: Impacting the individual to challenge, discover and implement the God given potentials in them to make a difference.

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Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Rotimi ObeyPastor Rotomi Rotimi Obey, has committed his life to serving and helping every person, regardless of background and economic status, to achieve their fullest potential. Having started House of Refuge with his wife, they work side by side to fulfill the vision of raising world changers. His wisdom and stewardship in finance is helping build House of Refuge into what God wants it to be.

Pastor Rotimi's steadfastness and obedience is a cornerstone of House of Refuge. He has been married to Pastor Aduke for over twenty years, and they are the parents of three children.

Pastor Aduke ObeyAduke Obey has been involved in Christian ministry for over twelve years; has had the opportunity to Pastor Singles for over eight years and has and has a lively passion for missions. An insightful speaker, soft-spoken woman outside of the pulpit, she has a rare ability to reach and stir her audiences. She teaches and preaches the gospel with such simplicity that makes it easy for anyone to understand. She is a visionary leader; presides over Daughters of Sarah a women's fellowship that seeks to bring about spiritual renewal amongst women. Her passion for Christ is evident in her commitment to helping others and through her life style of service.

Pastor Aduke is married to Pastor Rotimi, her life partner and co-laborer in ministry and they are blessed with three children. Aduke believes her home is her primary ministry and is wholly dedicated to it.