Fighting Temptations 23, Apr 2013


Alone together one fateful day, Frank tried to sweet-talk Victoria into having sex with him.

‘Come off it sweetie! Everyone does it. You’re lovely and sexy.’

‘Your lips are comely with the thread of scarlet.’

‘Your laps are paved with Italian ointment.’

‘I love you; I’m all yours!’

‘Let’s do it just once’

Victoria fell under the weight of those words welling out of Frank's mouth. 

They did it – not once as he promised, but over and over again! 

Wait a minute; let’s face it – we all face it!

As singles, we are daily bombarded with sexual temptations and attractions from the opposite sex.

Pal, there’s an escape route:

Learn the secret of dealing with sex addiction, pornography, masturbation, and spirit of lust at an evening with our spiritual leader, Pastor Aduke Obey.

Enquiries: 07060469395


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