by Aduke Obey | April 03, 2011

Last week, we examined the factors that lead to divine blessings. We were able to establish the fact that diligent study and application of the Word of God in every area of our lives (Joshua 1:8), while allowing the Word to transform our world view and carnal mindset, is the error-proof way of provoking the rain of divine blessings in our lives.

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by Aduke Obey | August 19, 2011

It was Dr. Myles Munroe, an eminent Christian writer who said: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without purpose”. Are you just existing, going with the flow and dragging on with the same old sequence of things by living your life on survival mode? A life motivated by an ordinary passion to live is no life.  Do you right now feel that life is such a drag? It does not have to be so. There is more to life than mere existence.





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