by Aduke Obey | November 25, 2012

I once heard an intriguing story that demonstrates the power of resilient endurance in the face of daunting limitations. Truck loads of codfishes were shipped into a foreign country on two different occasions for exports earnings, and of course, for culinary purposes. It was discovered at the end of the trips that the cod fishes lost their flavour. Exasperated with the colossal loss of fortune, the handlers introduced some catfishes in the next voyage as "escorts" to the codfishes. The decision was informed by the fact that codfishes and catfishes are at cross-purposes as sworn enemies.

The codfish had no moment’s respite as it brought to fore its survival instincts, staying awake, maneuvering, ducking and swimming away from the predators all the time that the lengthy trip endured! He had to stay awake and alive, or die in the course of the journey, a seemingly impossible prospect by all account!

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by Aduke Obey | June 16, 2010

 Blessed be the lord, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth. Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers. The snare is broken and we are escaped. (Psalm. 124:6-7(KJV)

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by Aduke Obey | February 13, 2011

 God always remain constant regardless of our response to Him. He cannot be moved by any mountain or problems of incredible magnitude that we cry and yell about in our lives. He is the God of suddenly who can change the tide of events stacked against His elect at a moment’s notice. As Christians, the proof of the validity of our relationship with Him is how far we are willing to trust and obey Him even in the face of life-threatening challenges and issues. God is always glorified when we trust Him completely, in spite of the situation, and while we are still in the situation. This is why He was pleased with Daniel and his Hebrew brothers that were miraculously delivered from Nebuchadnezzar’s raging inferno at the moment when their faith was tested. Trust and obey the Lord in all things- there is no other way to please Him (proverb.3:5-6).

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by Aduke Obey | December 16, 2011

In economic parlance whenever there is a demand, there will always be a corresponding supply. The demand always provokes the total aggregate of supply. There cannot be a supply except there is a demand! This economic law also applies to spiritual matters. You cannot get anything from God except you are desperate for God! The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and only the violent can take it by force! Whatever is your need, lay a demand on the anointing of the Lord and watch the Lord intervene in that situation on your behalf. 


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