by Aduke Obey | October 21, 2009

The dictionary defines a gift as a present or anything that is given to you by others without a demand in return for payment.  This means that gifts are free.  Man’s gift to man is usually finite, conditional and ill-intentioned. The devil’s gifts to man are conditional, counterfeited and fraught with troubles. It is only God’s gifts that are unconditional, permanent, edifying, deeply beneficial and joy-giving. His gifts are eternal! (John.3:16)

From the day of Pentecost, the Spirit of God has generously bestowed on the body of Christ diverse gifts:  the gift of the word of wisdom; the gift of the word of knowledge; the gift of faith; the gifts of healing; the gift of the working of miracles; the gift of prophecy; the gift of the discerning of spirits; the gift of tongues; and the gift of the interpretation of tongues (1Cor.12:8-11). Unlike earth-bound gifts that wear out and perish after a certain time- lag, the nine gifts of the Spirit amongst other gifts are spiritual.

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by Aduke Obey | October 19, 2009

God gave humanity the best of all gifts over 2000 years ago (John.3:16). Therefore, every man has something to give back to God, not just as an expression of gratitude for been translated from death to life, but as a deliberate intention to further the kingdom of God.

Why does the scripture admonish Christians to give? As Christians, we give because we are believers and imitators of God (Eph. 5:1). We are enjoined by God to give because it is the seed that generates our harvest and allows God to bestow us with divine blessings and increase. If you give nothing, God multiplies nothing (Gen 8:22). God cannot bless a closed fist or a heart where love is in short supply.

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by Aduke Obey | November 14, 2010

God is a covenant keeping God, who always, by His mercy, even in our moments of weakness, remembers us for good in all circumstances.  I don’t know how difficult your situation is but I have a word for you: with God all things and everything are possible for you today (Luke.1:37). Wait for Him in praise, holiness, obedience and great expectation because you will rise again, and all things will work together for your good (Rom.8:28).

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