by Aduke Obey | April 10, 2011

When you plan to embark on a journey especially to a place you’ve never been to, the natural inclination is to want to find out certain information about that place, so as to be better prepared. On the list of things to enquire about are, accommodation; very vital, weather, restaurants and places of attraction. Depending on what you’re going there for and how long you intend to stay, there would be other relevant information you might need to know.

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by Aduke Obey | April 17, 2011

Sequel to last week’s  study, it bears repeating that heaven, our eternal home, should be the primary concern of believers who are here on earth as sojourners and pilgrims. Your future, eternal abode is “…a city whose maker and builder is God”. We know for a fact, an irrefutable fact that heaven is the home of the redeemed of the Lord (Luke 13:29), an endless place of glory and blissful fellowship with God.

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