by Aduke Obey | November 25, 2012

I once heard an intriguing story that demonstrates the power of resilient endurance in the face of daunting limitations. Truck loads of codfishes were shipped into a foreign country on two different occasions for exports earnings, and of course, for culinary purposes. It was discovered at the end of the trips that the cod fishes lost their flavour. Exasperated with the colossal loss of fortune, the handlers introduced some catfishes in the next voyage as "escorts" to the codfishes. The decision was informed by the fact that codfishes and catfishes are at cross-purposes as sworn enemies.

The codfish had no moment’s respite as it brought to fore its survival instincts, staying awake, maneuvering, ducking and swimming away from the predators all the time that the lengthy trip endured! He had to stay awake and alive, or die in the course of the journey, a seemingly impossible prospect by all account!

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by Aduke Obey | June 13, 2010

 Abraham was stagnated in an idolatrous pagan background when God called Him up into his divinely assigned place of destiny. It was a commandment that Abraham did not fully obeyed because Lot went with him. He allowed Lot to embark on the journey with him. This act of partial obedience nearly cost him his destiny.

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by Aduke Obey | August 29, 2010

All you need in order to turn that situation around for a miracle is to know the will of God concerning the situation.  The will of God is the Word of God. For David to confront Goliath, he went to the brook and located the stones that would catapult the giant Goliath to death.  He got out of his comfort zone and located five stones of victory to fight Goliath with. God gave him the victory!
In our reference text above, the lepers got up from their comfort zone, the place of inactivity and stagnancy, and went to the city for divine provisions because they were hungry. Most often, hungry men are desperate people who will never take no for an answer! Get hungry and desperate for His divine touch for those challenges confronting your destiny! 

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by Aduke Obey | October 31, 2010
Some things will never happen if you're not covenant minded. Being covenant minded helps to direct your path

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