by Aduke Obey | May 08, 2010

The bible says that when a man finds a wife, he has found a good thing which will usher the favour of the Lord into his life.  However, to have a successful marriage, a man has to detach himself from the apron strings of his parents to assume the mantle of leadership in his home. It is frustrating and debilitating for a woman to follow a man who does not have a sense of direction and vision. It is like been trapped in a rudderless ship. 

A wife must submit to her husband, who is by every account, the head of the home. The man must have an enduring love for his wife at all times, ready to lay down his life for the wife like Christ did for the church. Our Lord’s injunction shows clearly that love is not a feeling or emotional hysteria, but a commitment of will. Love is a verb, an action word that requires hard work and the grace of God to keep it going, even in difficult times.


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