by Aduke Obey | July 19, 2012

 Worry is getting worked up and stressed out about the outcome of anything until you reach the point of mental, physical, emotional exhaustion, and breakdown.  It is not on any human record that worry has ever had the capacity to solve problems or issues of life. In fact, scientists inform us that the human is wired not to accommodate worry or prolonged stress. This being the reason that dwelling on an issue with anxiety or worry, has the capacity, over time, to destroy your physical, mental and emotional health with disastrous consequences. God knowing this gave us the prophylaxis to prevent this by telling us “be anxious for nothing” (Phil. 4:6).

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by Aduke Obey | January 02, 2011
This year 2011 will mark the beginning of beginnings for you in Jesus name. You shall experience a Turnaround in your life; marriage, business, health, academics, finance, wisdom, ministry and in your walk with God. 

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