by Aduke Obey | January 11, 2009

Prayer is our telephone line to God (Jer. 33:3) It is our medium of communication and interaction with the Lord of Hosts, our heavenly Father. Communication even in human terms is the cement and building blocks that builds and strengthens intimacy in our social relationships. When communication between a husband and his wife operate at an intermittent level, the relationship would stagnate in the final analysis.

Our relationship with our heavenly Father can atrophy and go awry if we are ill-inclined to talk with Him with sustained every-moment –of-the-day regularity. God pours himself into us when we spend regular, quality time with Him in prayer. This is the only way we can get to know Him. A Christian’s life can be plagued with spiritual hemorrhage on account of the absence of a prayer altar in his life.

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