by Aduke Obey | January 02, 2009

Assurance of salvation is necessary if you must be useful in the kingdom of God, you must know that you’re saved, not think or hope but be sure that you are. Salvation is a gift (Eph. 2:8), a free from God to all men irrespective of race, colour or creed (John 3:16). Regrettably, this is one of God’s gifts to man that is treated with sacrilegious disdain and reckless impurity. God has saved the world but not everyone has received the gift of salvation. God, in his infinite mercy and wisdom, has chosen the rugged way of the cross as the only way to reconcile sinful man back to Himself and bless Him with eternal life.

Through salvation, God re-writes the entire, sin-soaked chapters of a sinners life with the redemptive and atoning blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on a Jewish Cross at Calvary over 2000 years ago (Isaiah 53:5)


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by Aduke Obey | January 04, 2009

If a man sits in a garage all day, does that make Him a car? Standing by the swimming pool with a life guard does not make you a swimmer either (Matt. 7:21). A monkey will always beget a monkey. As children of God, our salvation must have proofs and fruits. This is where the rubber hits the road. How do we measure the authenticity or validity of our salvation?

There must be a conviction of sin, judgment and righteousness (John 16:8). At salvation Jesus said in Luke 13:3 except you repent you shall likewise perish. Repentance is just as essential to salvation as is believing. To repent is to move away, to turn completely away from sin.

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