Anchored On The Word
By Aduke Obey | November Sun 25, 2012

But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with Fresh oil .
(Psalm 92:10 KJV)

Reference text: Joshua 1:8

I once heard an intriguing story that demonstrates the power of resilient endurance in the face of daunting limitations. Truck loads of codfishes were shipped into a foreign country on two different occasions for exports earnings, and of course, for culinary purposes. It was discovered at the end of the trips that the cod fishes lost their flavour. Exasperated with the colossal loss of fortune, the handlers introduced some catfishes in the next voyage as “escorts” to the codfishes. The decision was informed by the fact that codfishes and catfishes are at cross-purposes as sworn enemies.

The codfish had no moment’s respite as it brought to fore its survival instincts, staying awake, maneuvering, ducking and swimming away from the predators all the time that the lengthy trip endured! He had to stay awake and alive, or die in the course of the journey, a seemingly impossible prospect by all account!
A brief relapse into complacency would have resulted in the codfish’s waterloo. At the end of the journey, the cod fish survived! And the taste and flavour of the third batch of cod fish delivery was absolutely excellent, as the traders smiled to the bank in profits and zero-deficits.

Christians are  like cod fishes, constantly besieged by the devil, a cat fish, who is constantly on the prowl, stealing from believers who are low and compromising on the obedience scale (John.10:10).
To keep the devil at bay, you must anchor your life, decisions and choices on the word of God (Matt.4:4). This is an explicitly sacrosanct command and demand from God (Joshua.1:8)! Applying the WORD in its entirety in every aspects of your life requires courage and strength. You must be alert to happenings around you, even the seemingly insignificant and unassuming ones. This is because the devil is full of wiles, deft cunnings and deceits in his evil operations (1 Peter.5:8).

Being strong here implies fastening yourself on the dependable rock to avoid been blown away by the storm, or end up as a causality on the battlefield of life. We need strength to curtail and contain the never-ending oppositions from the enemy of our souls. The Christian’s fight is against the enemies without and the enemies within. While God takes care of the outside enemies for your sake, it is incumbented upon you, as a matter of responsibility, to fight and defeat the enemies within.
Remain steadfast in the WORD (Luke.4:4). 

Be strong in the Lord (Eph.9:10).  Don’t apply the principle of selectivity where the WORD is concerned! This is the only recipe for what the bible calls "good success".

The WORD is the only life-line and anchor for a Christian.

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