The Siege is Over!
By Aduke Obey | June Wed 16, 2010

Reference Text: 2 Chronicles 32:22-23

 In military parlance, army reconnaissance exercises and operations where military forces surround a place and cuts off its supply is what is aptly described as a siege. When a town, a city or a country is under a siege, it is easy, sometimes effortlessly easy, to exert unhindered authority and expect complete compliance and docile submission from the captured slave-turned citizens.

Through sin, the devil can bring a man under a siege, stifling out his divine blessings and spiritual strength. Such a man is converted into a spiritual robot as the devils blinds his mind and reduce him into a spiritual nonentity (2 cor.4:4).
Today, by the spirit of the Almighty God (Zech 4:6-7), every evil siege that the enemy has placed over your life, and all that concerns you is declared broken in Jesus name (Job 22:28, Psalm 124:6-7).
When a life is under a siege, there will be desolation and emptiness in place of fruitfulness and abundance. The devil intends to bring those under his dominion to the place of total elimination, desolation and waste (John.10:10). A life under siege is synonymous with the life of a jailed man. The indispensable essentials of life and even the seemingly negligible benefits of life are cut off. People trapped in prison houses are doomed to the life of desolation and waste.  The mind of a man under siege is inexorably preoccupied with evil vices that thwart God’s blueprints and purposes for such a man. 
Every affliction of lack, purposelessness, mediocre living and lustful propensities are signs of demonic siege in operation.
I declare the siege over your life broken because greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world. For this purpose was the son of God manifested to destroy the works of the devil concerning you.
Embrace Holiness! This is the only antidote that repels the devil (James 4:7).  Receive the grace to live a life of uncompromised consecration and obedience to the will of God.
This is your season of great grace! He who has begun a good work in you is faithful to complete it in Jesus name. Amen! 
Pastor Aduke Obey

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