CHANGE: The Pathway to a Transformed Life
By Aduke Obey | March Wed 20, 2013

Reference text: Romans. 12:1-2

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed. James.1:25 NKJV

A butterfly in its embryonic stage is known as a larva, or caterpillar. The caterpillar is what translates or metamorphose into a beautiful and colorfully radiant butterfly. This process of change is indispensable for the evolving caterpillar as it keeps digging and burrowing its way out of its protective cocoon in order to begin the journey of life. This painful but necessary process strengthens its wings, prepares and equips it for the challenge of the sky, a place of dominion that must be conquered with strong, flapping wings.  For the butterfly-to-be caterpillar to remain in its comfort-zone cocoon is to suffer still-birth and permanent deformity, thus becoming useless for life.

This analogy also holds true, even in spiritual and secular matters where progressive growth and development matters significantly. As Christians, our seasons of change geared towards our Christ-like maturity, occurs intermittently at the potter’s wheel. Our willingness to submit ourselves to the transforming power enshrined in the Word of God (Heb.4:12, Luke.4:4) also provokes change in our Christian lives.

It takes discipline, courage and a great deal of the I-can-do-spirit to move in life from point A to point B (phil.4:13 & Joshua.1:9). Transformation is often a painful but needful necessity for the process of change and growth in life (Rom.12:1-2). This is because there can be no crown without a cross. In order words, the gain is all in the pain. You must go-through to breakthrough!
Conformity is the enemy of growth and personal development. Conformity, in the biblical context, means to yield to the world and its value system (1John.2:15-17).  Regrettably, the world, with its idiosyncratic creeds, secular wisdom and philosophies, has crept with domineering presence into the church with pomp and pageantry!

Come out from among them, undefiled, holy and acceptable unto the Lord! Elect to renew your mind and your life today with the Word, a life of sacrifice, prayer and consecration. The gospel of conformity is not for you (Rom.1:16). Start living the transformed life today! New wine, after all, cannot be preserved in old wine bottles (Mat.9:17).


Pastor Aduke Obey

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