The Portrait of an Ideal Father
By Aduke Obey | July Mon 26, 2010

If ye ask anything in my name, I will do it. John.14:14 KJV

The question can be asked, who is a father? This is an open-ended question that can only be answered from a biblical viewpoint in all ramifications.

It takes a true man of honour to be a father. The quality of a proper father cannot be based solely on the physical attribute of masculinity or manly abilities. Not all men are fathers. Only real men can qualify to be addressed as fathers.

Most fathers are unsung, unnoticed and uncelebrated. This is in spite of the fact that fathers are great assets to their families and the society.  The-larger-than-life significant role of a father at the home is unquestionable. A home will be incomplete without a father.

Unfortunately, some men who are fathers have left the business of fathering to their wives. When a man abdicates and shirks this divinely-appointed responsibility to his wife, the impact of his presence and usefulness at the home would inevitably shrink to oblivion. Such men would end up as absentee fathers at the home front. Sadly, this is a fact of life in the secular world.
Real fathers are heroes who love God with reverent passion (Gen.18:19) and teach their children the way of the Lord. A good father must leave a good heritage and legacy of spiritual and material wealth to his children’s children. “a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children (Prov. 13:22.)

An ideal father must provide direction and a sense of purpose for his family. How else can a father who is the head of the home lead his family aright if he lacks vision?

A father is a mentor and a life coach who must shepherd his family in the way of the lord. Fathers must provide love, security, and an enabling and conducive spiritual environment for the physical and spiritual growth of every member of the family. Fathers are the anchor and bedrock of the family even in difficult times. As a father, you must learn to love your family unconditionally.
A father is a role model, a good communicator with a great listening skill. One that offers support and constructive criticism to his children and does not discourage. How often does your child see you engage in deep communion with God at the family altar? As a father you lead my example.

Unarguably, God is the greatest of all fathers! As a father, make Him your mentor if you must have an ideal home.   Whatever has been tied to you that is a shame, reproached, you are discharged and acquinted!

Pastor Aduke Obey

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