The Abudant Life
By Aduke Obey | September Sun 26, 2010

It was Dr. Myles Munroe, an eminent Christian writer who said: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a reason”. Are you just existing, going with the flow and dragging on with the same old sequence of things by living your life on survival mode? A life motivated by an ordinary passion to live is no life.  Do you right now feel that life is such a drag? It does not have to be so. There is more to life than mere existence.

Wake up from your slumber and begin to live the life of abundance that God has given you as your divine heritage (John.10:10). The abundant life is only for those who live life meaningfully and purposefully. Many have ceased to live. They are not giving themselves to any cause, neither are they increasing in the knowledge of God. Consequently, there is no transformation in their lives! Their hearts are tightly shut up- nothing goes in and nothing good comes out of it (Joshua.6:1). 

Unfortunately, many Christians live on the fringe of self-focus. They run their lives on their self-appointed calendar and agenda, thus removing God out of the bigger picture in the scheme of things. They only back-pedal to the Lord in moments of crisis when the chips are down. Make God the Senior Partner in your boat as you cruise through the turbulent sea of life! Self- dependence stifles the very concept of an abundant life.

Only spiritually-minded Christians can enjoy the abundant life (Rom.8:5-8). Carnal Christians who enthrone self in the affairs of their lives are almost always cut out from the divine blessing flow from God. Let go and let God! Abundant life does not necessarily mean abundance of finance and material wealth (Luke 12:15), but it means peace, nothing missing, nothing broken. Regardless of all that happens, what you have, or do not have, does not reduce your sense of fulfillment.

To ignite and provoke the abundant life characterized by a continually opened heaven you have to desire it (Mat.5:6).  Build and rotate your life on the mountain of obedience and holiness. Build a prayer life and feed your spirit man on a daily, overdose-ingestion of the Word of God (Deut.8:3). If you must take an overdose on anything, let it be only on the Word of God (Matt. 4:4). Eschew carnality, walk in the spirit, and decree your way to the mountaintop (Job.22:28) where you can possess your possession.  Get out of your little tight corner and expand your horizon. 

Until you abide in the Word (John.15:7) and live your life by God’s standard, you may not enter your rest or experience the full rain of divine enlargement and open heaven. Like. The Ark of God (presence) remained in Obed-Edom’s house for three months and God blessed him and his household. (2 Sam.:11) If you live the life that pleases Him, a life that runs full-time on the oil of holiness (Dan.1:8) and obedience like that of the five wise virgins(Matt.25:1-13 and Isa.1:19) you also can experience the abundant life.

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