What do you have in your hand?
By Aduke Obey | November Sun 14, 2010

God is a covenant keeping God, who always, by His mercy, even in our moments of weakness, remembers us for good in all circumstances.  I don’t know how difficult your situation is but I have a word for you: with God all things and everything are possible for you today (Luke.1:37). Wait for Him in praise, holiness, obedience and great expectation because you will rise again, and all things will work together for your good (Rom.8:28).

No situation is permanent and I see yours changing for good. Your miracle is closer to you than you think. You cannot move forward in life or accomplish much when you are stuck with the what ifs, how can, when or where of your situations. Moses, overcome by self-limitation and low-self esteem, struggled to accept his divine assignment as God’s instrument of deliverance for the Israelites who were held down in captivity in Egypt. The Lord opened Moses’ eyes to see the rod of deliverance which became the rod of God as the story progressed. David began as an insignificant shepherd boy in Israel, an afterthought of his family, but God raised him from the valley to the place of prominence with an ordinary sling shot. God will always add His powerful extra to your ordinary to make you an extraordinary person. God is in the fantastic business of divine uplifment, addition and multiplication in the lives of His children (Gen.1:28).

God showed Samson the jaw bone of an ass with which he destroyed his enemies. The victory was in the jawbone. The prosperity of the widow and her sons was in the pot of oil in her house (2Kings.4:1-4). The tree that would cure the bitter water of Marah was in the wilderness, but the Israelites didn’t see it until God showed it to them. 

The seed for your miracle, breakthrough and go-through is always in your hand or just within your reach. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see it. The Lord will show you your pot of oil, your rod of deliverance and your jaw bone of victory if you will only ask Him (Mat.7:7).  You will receive the revelation for your elevation today in Jesus name!

Don’t worry about your lack of qualification, talent or natural abilities, God can make you and will! Gen.12:2. Abraham was an idol worshipper, but God made him the father of many nations! David was a shepherd boy, but God made him the consolidated king of Israel. Joseph was a prisoner but God made him a Prime Minister in Egypt. Apostle Paul, before his conversion, was a serial killer by association, persecuting the church, but God made him the author of more than half of the books of the New Testament. Is anything too hard for the Lord? He will make you!

No more excuses or alibi for failure. Get up, go and excel! You are not empty-handed or God-forsaken. You are His treasure in earthen vessel (2Corinthians.4:7). God will put His super on that thing that seems so natural (if you’ll let Him have it) to give you a supernatural manifestation if you’ll let Him have it.

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