Why Worry
By Aduke Obey | July Thu 19, 2012

 Reference: Mat.6:25-34

 Worry is getting worked up and stressed out about the outcome of anything until you reach the point of mental, physical, emotional exhaustion, and breakdown.  It is not on any human record that worry has ever had the capacity to solve problems or issues of life. In fact, scientists inform us that the human is wired not to accommodate worry or prolonged stress. This being the reason that dwelling on an issue with anxiety or worry, has the capacity, over time, to destroy your physical, mental and emotional health with disastrous consequences. God knowing this gave us the prophylaxis to prevent this by telling us “be anxious for nothing” (Phil. 4:6).

As Christians, we are commanded to trust the Lord wholeheartedly and unreservedly (Prov.3:6-7) in every issue and circumstances of our lives. The anchor for this trust, which usually facilitates our walk with the Lord, is the Word of God (Joshua.1:8). Unfortunately, a great number of Christians allow themselves to be led by their five senses, carnal people around them, and the evil reports of their environment and situations. What we get when we decide to live by the standard of the world (1John.2:15-17) instead of living by the immutability of the WORD of God is worry and anxiety. 
"Don’t ever forget the amazing truth that you serve a big and powerful God who is bigger than your needs, challenges and temporary but unpleasant situations. He is more than able to meet you at the point of your needs and exceed your expectations by giving you an expected end!"
God’s position about your future is a settled conclusion. (Ps. 119:89) He is the only one that will not disappoint your expectations. He is the Lord that does not change. In essence He is the Ageless one, in His attributes He is constant, His plans for you remain the same, they are always good (Jer. 29:11). His promises for your life are always YES and AMEN!, His love for you is everlasting. Therefore get up from that worry heap that you have constructed for yourself through pessimism, self-defeat, low self-esteem and a poor attitude about your future that seem to suggest  that you cannot make it. One with God is a majority. He is constantly by your side with His unfailing love, grace, goodness and mercy. You serve an awesome, unchanging God whose Word and attributes are as constant as the Morning Star, and as beautiful as the Rose of Sharon! If He has said it, He will do it for you!  His Word, spoken, written or living, is immutable and definitive. (Isaiah. 55:11).
Because He is a faithful God, He will never leave you or forsake you, whether in the evil days, or while you are forced by persecution to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. His faithfulness towards us, even when we fail, is constant. His long suffering, grace and mercy for His children are never- ending. His perfect plan(s) for your life will never change as long as you are walking and living in the integrity of His WORD (3John:3-4).  You are the only one that can terminate the plan of God for your life when you fail to bring yourself under His divine command and order! You serve a loving God who will do anything for you as long as it is covered by His will. Cast your burden and worry-bag upon Him today (I Pet. 5:7). He is beyond the power of that your situation. He is the Almighty, unfailing GOD! Get ready for your cross-over miracles today!
by Pastor Aduke Obey


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