God Will Do It Again
By Aduke Obey | February Sun 13, 2011

God always remain constant regardless of our response to Him. He cannot be moved by any mountain or problems of incredible magnitude that we cry and yell about in our lives. He is the God of suddenly who can change the tide of events stacked against His elect at a moment’s notice. As Christians, the proof of the validity of our relationship with Him is how far we are willing to trust and obey Him even in the face of life-threatening challenges and issues. God is always glorified when we trust Him completely, in spite of the situation, and while we are still in the situation. This is why He was pleased with Daniel and his Hebrew brothers that were miraculously delivered from Nebuchadnezzar’s raging inferno at the moment when their faith was tested. Trust and obey the Lord in all things- there is no other way to please Him (proverb.3:5-6).

In our reference text, death and barrenness surrounded the water of life making it unfit for consumption for the Israelites. It was a hopeless situation but when Jehovah God stepped on the scene, the problem became a source of a turn-around miracle for the people, to the glory of God. for the problem to have a lasting solution God has to visit the root of the problem (Matt.15:13).  

It is human nature to yield to the challenges of life because of our carnal nature which is always in agreement with sight and sound, feelings and emotions. We cannot move to the place of fulfillment in God if we constantly allow ourselves to be moved by what we feel, or see, or hear, and negatively meditate on, rather than by what we believe, a belief system founded on the word of God. Until you disown your flesh and the arm of the flesh, God cannot step into your situation to give you beauty for ashes and restore you to full-fledged fruitfulness. 
It is not your encounter with man or your situation that will transform your life. It is your encounter with the logos and the rhema of the Word of God that will transform and impact your life, and change your situations to the glory of the Lord. Until you allow the Lord to visit the foundation of your problem, you may look fruitful on the outside like the cursed fig tree, but full of worthless leaves of unproductivity on the inside. Until you have an encounter with the Word, you will continue to counter with the world. 
Every problem has a source and a foundation!  Locate it and apply the salt of the Word of God to that challenge that you are contending with today. All that you need to uproot and solve any problem in your life is the salt of the Word of God – Jesus Christ.
Our Lord assures us that we will be set free from any demonic stronghold when we know the truth of the word of God. Divine information is the key factor to your success in winning the battles of life. When you know and apply the truth of God’s word on any issue confronting you, you will have a positional advantage, being seated in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus at the right hand of the Father. 
Jesus asked the sisters of Lazarus, “where have you laid him…?”  As you locate the root of that challenge today and apply the salt of the word of God to it, you will bump into your turn-around miracle in Jesus name! 
Pastor Aduke Obey

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