Putting a demand on the Anointing
By Aduke Obey | December Fri 16, 2011

In economic parlance whenever there is a demand, there will always be a corresponding supply. The demand always provokes the total aggregate of supply. There cannot be a supply except there is a demand! This economic law also applies to spiritual matters. You cannot get anything from God except you are desperate for God! The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and only the violent can take it by force! Whatever is your need, lay a demand on the anointing of the Lord and watch the Lord intervene in that situation on your behalf. 

You cannot afford to allow your faith to suffer atrophy and stagnation! Put it to work by activating the Lord's anointing upon your life! The anointing is the yoke-destroying power of God that makes the difference! (Isa.10:27). Without the anointing, fighting the battles of life and the hordes of hell victoriously will be an impossibility. The anointing is the power of God (luke.10:19). The anointing is the wonder working Spirit of God (Acts.10:38; Acts 1:8). You cannot be a successful Christian except you have the anointing!

Pride and unbelief are major stumbling blocks to receiving the anointing. Either one of these can serve as a barrier to miracle. Pride almost prevented Naaman from receiving his healing miracle (2 King 5:10-14). Also, the enemy can introduce the garbage of distractions into our life when God is about to move on our behalf (1 pet.5:8).

If there are to be changes in your situations you must learn to stretch your hand of faith like the woman with the issue of blood in your hour of need. (Mark.5:25-34) Faith is what you need most to draw out the anointing of the Lord! Without faith it is impossible to please God. 

You can only attract what you respect! Hannah in first Samuel chapter 1 honoured Eli the priest and she received the answer to her prayers as the man of God had declared. When you honour the men and women of spiritual authority that God has placed over you, you place a demand on the anointing and there’s a supply from heaven to meet your needs.

To ignite the power of the anointing in your life, live a life that is totally surrendered and yielded to the WORD, which is the will of God! Believe the WORD of God, confess the WORD. There is power in the WORD, not in positive confessions based on the philosophy of the world! Desire to increase in the knowledge of the WORD, so that when trying circumstances arise you can speak the word to them. (Mk. 11:23)

God cannot cast His pearls before swine! Living a life of holiness and humility where God increases in your life while you decrease on all fronts to the glory of His name.

You must recognize your need for utter dependence on the anointing and a constant yearning for the Holy Spirit. There is a new anointing for you, for everyday, for your situations! The anointing is always present to supply everything that you need (Phil.4:18). It is what matures you as a Christian!

By Pastor Aduke Obey

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