Provoked to Destiny
By Aduke Obey | May Sun 15, 2011

Life is a battlefield full, of issues and challenges. The good news however, is that, as Christians, problems strengthen and empower us for victory and provokes us to our place of destiny through the help of God (Psalm. 121:1; Romans 8:28).

In our reference scripture, Peninnah, Hannah’s rival-wife taunted and jeered her because of her bareness which was caused by God in order to glorify His name. For Hannah, it was a totally hopeless situation, considering her many previous fruitless visits to Shiloh. To make matters worse, her adversary, Peninnah, provoked her grievously to aggravate her anguish and sorrow.

Hannah’s barrenness had by now become a source of huge discomfort and social stigma to her. Barrenness can be physical, mental,financial, marital and spiritual. It is the lack of fruitfulness and productivity in one’s life, or in any aspect of one’s life. It can also be frustrating, especially after you have done all you think you can do.

The big question is “what provoked Hannah into her destiny in the face of what naturally was an insurmountable problem?” In verse nine of our text, the bible unequivocally stated that “…Hannah arose…” Until you arise in the power of the Lord, even in the midst of your challenges divine help will remain elusive and far-fetched. Like the prodigal son who returned to his father from the pigsty, you must purpose and resolutely determine your resurrection from that problem today! Whatever you are facing as issues in your life always remember – God is in control. No matter the reason for that problem or challenges if and when you turn to God in total sincerity, you will not miss the opportunity to experience God’s glorious liberty and victory.

The other reason why Hannah prevailed over her situation was that she prayed differently. Hannah released the battle to the Lord (Exo. 14:14) and asked with a vow that the Lord should use her problem for His glory. As a woman of faith, she was acutely aware of the spiritual vacuum in the house of the Lord in Israel (Eli’s Spiritual decline). Hannah’s prayer, tailored to God’s will, therefore was “Oh Lord, Give me a child and I will give you a prophet” Hannah prayed in faith! When you deal with God through the vehicle of faith, heaven will hear and answer your petition! This is the law of faith! We can only connect to heaven through faith where prayer is concerned.

Hannah became a woman of spiritual depth and insight through her long-term problem. Take the focus off your situation and off yourself, placing it on God! Acknowledge His sovereignty and supremacy to move on your behalf!

You can provoke your miracle, through impossible situation by steadfastly connecting with God on the altar of prayer. 

Hannah was faithful, she fulfilled her vow; she took her so Samuel to Eli and dedicated him to the Lord. She had no other child but she was willing to give and to trust God with all that she had. Her time in God’s waiting room had made her a woman of prayer and great faith. It would take a woman of such great faith to leave her child with Eli who had not done too well with his own sons. You seemingly barren situation is a tremendous to build an intimate relationship with God. This is what turns your situation around. Turns impossibilities into possibilities.

The barren woman, as the story concluded became the joyful mother of six children with God, all things are possible (Luke 1:37). From today, your life is a testimony of possibilities in Jesus Name!


Pastor Aduke Obey

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