We require one year in advance notice for wedding preparation and 30 to 60 days before official approval of your wedding date.

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To Belong
There are different small groups that you can join to help you build life-long friendships as you fellowship together. These groups will focus on practical and insightful teachings that are peculiar to the members.

  • Men Fellowship: [Description of fellowship eg This is for men only, and time of fellowship]
  • Women Fellowship: [Description of fellowship, eg this fellowship is for women only and time of fellowship]
  • Yought fellowship: [Description of fellowship eg. This is yougth followship from the age of 20 - 29..., and time of fellowship]
  • Single Fellowship:
  • Cell Group Fellowship:

To Take Your Faith Walk to the NEXT LEVEL we offer classes at different times of the year to help you grow deeper in your walk as a disciple of Jesus
  • Foundation Class: This 8 week class will explore foundations of faith such as: Who is God? Who is Jesus? the Bible, Repentance, Church membership and others.
  • Water Baptism: This class will bring clarity and understanding to the purpose of Baptism based upon biblical truth. It is a mandatory class session preceding the Baptism Service. The prerequisite is that you have confessed Christ as your Lord and Savior.
  • Workers Training: This 12 week class will assist individuals in preparing for a committed life of service.
  • Discipleship Class: This 8 week class will explore and assist in implementing some key spiritual disciplines into daily life such as: Prayer, Fasting, Scripture, Memory, Stewardship and others.
  • Leadership Class: A 12 week interactive classes that focuses on discovering, assessing, developing and using your God-given strength

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