We require one year in advance notice for wedding preparation and 30 to 60 days before official approval of your wedding date.

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Weddings at HOR

At House of Refuge we are joined with you in planning a worshipful and memorable event placing God at the center of the Marriage Covenant. Marriage is holy and is to be entered into reverently and in the fear of God. It is a relationship of mutual submission and personal responsibility one to another.

All applicants must be members of House of Refuge and have completed the NewMembers class and the Pre-Marital Course.

Pre-Marital Class
Completing the Pre-Marital Course is prerequisite for setting your wedding date and continuing with your plans. The 6 week pre-marital interactive course is designed to help you reach greater depths of knowledge, trust and true intimacy with you chosen marriage partner by confronting potential issues and raising your level of awareness about each other. The course covers critical subjects such as communication, sex and finance.

Wedding Preparations
Once you have successfully completed the pre-marital course, House of Refuge will accept a date for your wedding ceremony.

Details about your rehearsal, ceremony and reception will be discussed during your pre-marital class.

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