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Sunday celebration service - 8:00PM     
Monday prayer meeting - 6:00PM        
Thursday Bible study - 5:30PM

The Four Vital Experiences
  • Worship: A church that celebrates the glory of God
  • Fellowship: A church that cares
  • Maturity: A church that teaches the knowledge and application of God�s Word
  • Ministry: A Church that encourages change through acts of love and service.
  • Missions & Evangelism: A church that spreads the Good News of Christ in word and deed

Get Connected
There are many opportunities for you to serve, here in HOR we believe every member is gifted and so should be involved in ministry. Take a look at the ministries we have and discover where your gifts and talents will be relevant and start serving.

Opportunities to Serve
Music: Choir, band, Intercessors, ushers, hospitality & greeters, Protocol, Follow up, Visitation, Benevolence, Communications, Evangelism, Missions, Christian Education, Children church, BCW (Beyond Church Walls)- There are various departments that reach out and minister to the needs within the community. learn more